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October,  2019

Writer(s): Troy Seberson


On Saturday September 28th, volunteers from PGSA, Society of Physics Students (SPS), and Troy’s parents came together to help clean the road that PGSA adopted back in 2015. The 2.2 mile long road runs from N725 W/N 750 W to Division Road/Baseline Road to IN-26. Planning of the event was done by our President Riddhi Mehta, Vice President Troy Seberson, and Outreach Coordinator Abby Kopec. Beginning at the middle of the stretch of the road, we split up into two groups and went in opposite directions. All in all, it took about 2 hours and we collected a total of 10 bags of trash! Afterwards, we reconvened at the home of our very own Dr. Bill Fornes, the right-hand man to the Head of the Department. Bill was very generous and cooked beef and portabella mushroom burgers for everyone along with other delicious sides and drinks.

PGSA volunteers: Troy Seberson and his parents Sherry Seberson & Chuck Seberson, Zhujing Xu, Abby Kopec, Soham Mandal

SPS volunteers: Dawith Lim, Victoria Benkowski, Connor Mohs

Picture credit: Chuck Seberson


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