Physics 241 Exam Archive

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[IMG] Parent Directory - [IMG] Ex1_F01.pdf 142K [IMG] Ex1_F01_with_solutions.pdf 70K [IMG] Ex1_F02.pdf 81K [IMG] Ex1_F02_with_solutions.pdf 98K [IMG] Ex1_F03.pdf 88K [IMG] Ex1_F03_with_solutions.pdf 1.5M [IMG] Ex1_F04.pdf 251K [IMG] Ex1_F04_blue_solutions.pdf 3.4M [IMG] Ex1_F06.pdf 183K [IMG] Ex1_F06_key.pdf 26K [IMG] Ex1_F07.pdf 93K [IMG] Ex1_F08.pdf 147K [IMG] Ex1_F09.pdf 183K [IMG] Ex1_F97_with_solutions.pdf 63K [IMG] Ex1_S01.pdf 92K [IMG] Ex1_S02.pdf 135K [IMG] Ex1_S03.pdf 42K [IMG] Ex1_S03_with_solutions.pdf 147K [IMG] Ex1_S04_blue.pdf 429K [IMG] Ex1_S98_with_solutions.pdf 54K [IMG] Ex1_Sp05.pdf 8.8M [IMG] Ex1_Sp06.pdf 135K [IMG] Ex1_Su02.pdf 298K [IMG] Ex2_F01_with_solutions.pdf 74K [IMG] Ex2_F02.pdf 93K [IMG] Ex2_F02_with_solutions.pdf 103K [IMG] Ex2_F03.pdf 841K [IMG] Ex2_F03_with_solutions.pdf 305K [IMG] Ex2_F04.pdf 385K [IMG] Ex2_F04_solutions.pdf 314K [IMG] Ex2_F06.pdf 273K [IMG] Ex2_F06_key.pdf 9.4K [IMG] Ex2_F09.pdf 184K [IMG] Ex2_F96_with_solutions.pdf 70K [IMG] Ex2_F97_with_solutions.pdf 49K [IMG] Ex2_S01.pdf 129K [IMG] Ex2_S02.pdf 109K [IMG] Ex2_S02_with_solutions.pdf 275K [IMG] Ex2_S04_blue.pdf 208K [IMG] Ex2_S96_with_solutions.pdf 62K [IMG] Ex2_S97_with_solutions.pdf 75K [IMG] Ex2_Sp03.pdf 228K [IMG] Ex2_Sp05.pdf 1.1M [IMG] Ex2_Sp06.pdf 64K [IMG] Ex2_Sp06_solutions.txt 56 [IMG] FinalF96solutions.pdf 90K [IMG] FinalF97solutions.pdf 92K [IMG] FinalS01solutions.pdf 83K [IMG] FinalS96solutions.pdf 73K [IMG] FinalS97solutions.pdf 94K [IMG] Final_F01.pdf 43K [IMG] Final_F02.pdf 144K [IMG] Final_F03.pdf 1.3M [IMG] Final_F04.pdf 677K [IMG] Final_F04_blue_solutions.pdf 2.1M [IMG] Final_F06.pdf 135K [IMG] Final_F06_key.pdf 9.4K [IMG] Final_F09.pdf 329K [IMG] Final_S01.pdf 298K [IMG] Final_S02.pdf 576K [IMG] Final_S04_blue.pdf 605K [IMG] Final_Sp03.pdf 2.0M [IMG] Final_Sp05.pdf 453K [IMG] Final_Sp06.pdf 87K [IMG] Final_Sp06_Key.pdf 158K [IMG] Final_Su02.pdf 439K [IMG] HEADER.html 443

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