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HW4 deadline extended to Monday, Nov. 7

Mon 24Oct2016 11:30AM

By popular request (due to GRE), the deadline for Homework 4 has been extended to Monday, Nov. 7. Those who will be taking the GRE, good luck!

H. Nakanishi

Optional Term Project

Tue 18Oct2016 1:09PM

The policies, procedures and suggested topics for this semester's optional term project have been announced and a handout has been distributed in class on Monday. The same is posted here under the Course documents folder. Please take a look. Thanks.

Hisao Nakanishi


Mon 12Sep2016 1:38PM

(1) I forgot to name the effect of the spinning projectile we discussed today in class. It is called the Magnus effect (Section 2.4 of our text), and it is also the main effect that gives a lift to airplanes.

(2) I should call attention (once again) to the errata of our text where many corrections are listed:

One of them is a typo in an algorigthm listed under Example 3.3 on p.58. At least one of you coded a damped, driven oscillator using what is given there and saw the oscillator give runaway amplitude blowup. There, the "damping" term is listed with wrong sign; please refer to the erratum above.

H. Nakanishi

TA Office Hour Set

Wed 24Aug2016 3:05PM

As we discussed today in class, Mr. Wenhao Zhang, our homework grader will have office hours on Mondays, 4:30 - 5:30 pm in Rm.11 (Help Center). This will start on Aug.29, but there will not be office hours on those Mondays that fall on University holidays (9/5 and 10/10). You are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.

Also as we discussed, the Lab 1 materials have already been posted on the course web site under Labs. Lab materials will usually be posted there over the weekend prior to the lab session to give you a head start (if you wish to start early, though not required).

Good Luck!

Hisao Nakanishi

Welcome to PHYS580 in Fall 2016

Thu 18Aug2016 4:37PM

Welcome aboard to PHYS580 in Fall 2016! This course used to be a Spring semester-only one, but starting this academic year, it has become a Fall semester-only course. As in the title, this is a course on Computational PHYSICS. This means that we primarily focus on Physics that can be studied by Computing, and it deals with Programming and Numerical Analysis only as needed to accomplish the primary goal. It is "shallow" but "wide" in the coverage of different subfields of physics, with a goal of acquiring all-around capability in doing computational physics.

Our primary programming language will be Matlab. While you may use any other language you are already good at, using (and learning) Matlab will not only be advantageous as all starter codes will be given in Matlab but will also be very beneficial to you as it is one of the skills rated as very important in many STEM fields in and out of academia.

Please check here regularly as important annoucements may be posted here from time to time. Also various reference materials may appear in the Course Documents section and Lab Assignments and Starter Codes will appear under the Labs section.

Good luck!

Hisao Nakanishi


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