Purdue CMS Tier-2 Center


Account creation procedure for Non-Purdue users

Account creation for non-Purdue user is explained here.

How to subscribe cms-t2-users mailing list

The benefits to subscribe cms-t2-users@lists.purdue.edu mailing 
list are that local users can receive news, events and downtime
notification of Purdue CMS Tier-2 center automatically.
To subscribe the mailing list cms-t2-users@lists.purdue.edu, users shall 
send email to cms-t2-users-request@lists.purdue.edu
from email box that you want to be added to the mailing list. Note
that you should put "subscribe" in the subject area and content area
only. Then, you will receive the confirmation email from mailing list
server. Be sure to follow the instruction of the confirmation email to
activate your subscription.

Where to get support on technical issues

Be sure to read this FAQ first, if you still have problems, please send
your issues to cms-support@lists.purdue.edu mailing list.

How can users write to Hadoop user space

The correct path to the Purdue Hadoop is /store/user. Users shall use
gfal-mkdir to create a directory at /store/user/mydirectory, then use
gfal-copy to copy data. The examples of the commands can be found here.

The grp area usage policy

Files at /grp/cms/users will be backed up. Note that this storage space
should be used for sharing files and codes, but should *not* be used
for large data files that will be accessed from jobs running at a
worker node.

The scratch area usage policy

If you want fast data access and transfer, please use $RCAC_SCRATCH on 
PBS clusters (Carter, Hammer, and Hansen). The scratch area is not
backed up and files older than 60 days will be cleaned up automatically.
The most effective ways to use research storage area can be found in this


When users run CMSSW_2_0_0 version or latest and got an error 
"NO SITECONF", please inform Admin to install a link
pointing to SITECONF.

Apply for membership of the CMS Hypernews

If you do not intend to get a CERN unix account. Please send an 
email to Peter Elmer at Peter.Elmer@cern.ch. They can create a
HN membership for you by hand. They take the username you prefer
and append ".nocern" to it. Then you can log in cms.
rcac.purdue.edu, run the command:
htpasswd -n username.nocern
It will ask you (twice) for a password and then print a line with some
encrypted stuff. If you send Peter that line, he can create the HN
membership for you.

How to see the space usage of /tmp directory and others

df -h # this command can show the space usage of 
all mounted directories
du -sh # this command can show the total usage of the files and 
directories at your current directory
du -sh * # this command can show the usage of each 
sub-directory at your current directory

Migration of user's certificate from DOEGrid to CERN CA

  User needs to inform us  by sending an email to  
cms-support@lists.purdue.edu concerning change of their certificate
from DOEGrid to CERN CA. User would also have to provide
the output of the command 'voms-proxy-info --all' . We will map
user's new DN with old local pool account.

CPU Utilization

Raw Storage Use