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Getting an account at Purdue CMS Clusters

Purdue employees and students who want to get a login account on the CMS Tier-2 should proceed as follows:

  1. Request your account at the CMS Tier-2: Please contact user support for getting account on CMS Tier-2 user interface.
  2. Once you have contacted user support, your account will be created within two working days and you will receive a notification email.

Users (non-Purdue employees and students) who want to get a login account on the CMS Tier-2 should proceed as follows: 

  1. Request a Purdue career account: 
    You would have to provide following information to user support for getting account on Purdue CMS Tier-2 user interface.
    1. Social Security Number:
    2. First Name:
    3. Middle Name:
    4. Last Name:
    5. Date of birth:
    6. Gender:
    7. Street Address:
    8. City/State/Zip:

    The Purdue CMS admin will fill up the privilege form on your behalf, and send it to the Physics department business office for their approval. Then the physics department business office will fax this form to Purdue HR at 494-6138.

  2. CMS account on Tier-2 user interface: 
    Once your Purdue career account is ready, access will be configured for the Tier-2 user interfaces and PBS queues.
  3. Notification: Once your account on Purdue Tier-2 user interface is ready, you will be informed by email. You would have to contact the Physics Computing Network (PCN) at '+1 765-494-5562' between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST for getting your Purdue career account and password. It takes around one week to get this account.

Users who have a login account at the CMS Tier-2, can login to the following machine with their Purdue career account username and password:

ssh -l <username> cms.rcac.purdue.edu

In case cms.rcac.purdue.edu does not work, you can login in the following front-end machine

ssh -l <username> hep.rcac.purdue.edu
ssh -l <username> hammer.rcac.purdue.edu

The gatekeepers (also known as Computing Elemnet (CE))of Purdue clusters are:

hadoop-osg.rcac.purdue.edu (Purdue-Hadoop cluster)
carter-osg.rcac.purdue.edu (Purdue-Carter cluster)
hammer-osg.rcac.purdue.edu (Purdue-Hammer cluster)

Above are the primary gatekeepers for the Purdue CMS Tier2 clusters. The host hadoop-osg.rcac.purdue.edu is a gatekeeper for the cluster Purdue-Hadoop which has a Condor queue for CMS production and analysis jobs.  The hosts hammer-osg.rcac.purdue.edu and carter-osg.rcac.purdue.edu and are the gatekeepers for community clusters which have dedicated PBS queue for CMS production, analysis, and hammercloud jobs.

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