Active Participants

Request for Statements of Interest in Active Participation: The CRONUS-Earth Project is still in the preliminary planning stages.  The United States National Science Foundation, the European Commission research organization, and other international scientific funding agencies are being approached for funding through coordinated proposals.  We feel that a combined figure of ~$8M U.S. over five years is a realistic target.  We would like to assess the degree of interest in participation in the proposed CRONUS-Earth Project, and begin the preparation of an integrated proposal for funding.  If you are interested in participating, please prepare a one-to-two page prospectus stating the goals of the research you propose, a brief summary of the methods to be employed, and a preliminary budget.  Proposed projects should in general fit into the research plan described above, but if you feel some important approach has been neglected, please send a prospectus and rationale for why it should be included.

Please email Fred Phillips ( if you would like your name added to this list.

Ackert, Robert

Barrera, Enriqueta

Beer, Juerg

Bierman, Paul

Caffee, Marc

Clifton, Tom

Cerling, Thure

Dunai, Tibor

Elmore, David

Farber, Daniel

Fink, David

Finkel, Bob

Freeman, Stewart

Gosse, John

Graham, Ian

Granger, Daryl

Hetzel, Ralf

Imamura, Mineo

Ivy, Susan

Jull, Tim

Kabayashi, Koichi

Klein, Jeff

Kober, Florian

Kubik, Peter

Kurz, Mark

Lal, Devendra

Licciardi, Joseph

Lifton, Nat

Masarik, Josef


Nagai, Hisao

Niedner, Samuel

Nishiizumi, Kuni

Oberholzer, Peter

Pavich, Milan

Perg, Lesley

Phillips, Fred

Phillips, William

Reedy, Bob

Regis, Braucher

Revital, Ken-Tor

Schnabel, Christoph

Schaefer, Joerg

Shen, Chengde

Shen, Chengde

Sie, Soey

Smith, Andrew

Southon, John

Stone, John

Stuart, Fin

Summerfield, Mike

Wakasa, Sachi

Weiler, Rainer

Wild, Eva M.

Xu, Sheng

Yi, Weixi

Zhou, Liping

Zondervan, Albert

Zreda, Marek