Lake Bonneville Sampling

CRONUS conducted its first geologic sampling at the Bonneville shorelines from July 7 to July 10, 2005. The Bonneville shorelines provided an opportunity to validate the production rates of all cosmic-ray-produced nuclides. Sampling was at three locations as indicated on the map. The sites were selected to provide a range of lithologies from which all cosomogenic nuclides can be measured.

The primary scientific goals of this sampling are: validation or determination of production ratses at sites with independent age control; determination of production rate ratios between cosmogenic nuclides; identification of geologic issues that affect cosmogenic nuclide production; and inter-laboratory calibration of cosmogenic nuclide extraction techniques.

This sampling of the Bonneville shorelines is open to all investigators interested in cosmogenic nuclides. There are limited funds for travel; scientists seeking travel funds should contact Dr. Nat Lifton

Enough sample for cosmogenic nuclide production rate determinations will be collected at each location. Sample material will also be archived for future use. During the sampling trip sample will be collected for all investigators interested in running these samples through their laboratory. The samples will be crushed and homogenized at PRIME Lab. Any researcher interested in preparing an aliquot of these samples in their laboratory is encouraged to so, however we must know how much sample to collect.

To receive sample from the Bonneville shorelines please fill out the sample material request.