Darryl GrangerDarryl Granger
Associate Professor, Solid Earth Sciences

Phone: 765 493-0043
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Tom Clifton Tom Clifton
Phone: 765 494-5381

Jeanette Brass Jeanette Brass 
Bachelors of Geology: May, '08
Interests: Glaciology, Paleontology, Mining Engineering
Worked in: Mineral Separation Lab since Fall '05 as a lab technician.
I am interested in continuing my education in graduate school studying glaciology, mining engineering, or paleontology in the Fall ‘08. I have been an education interpretive station volunteer at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL since the Spring 2000. I have experience in traversing, use of GPS, and geophysical database/ air photo interpretation in geological map and cross section construction and writing geological reports.

Richard Fisher Richard Fisher
Bachelors of Geology: May, '08
Interests: Hydrogeology, Geological Engineering
Worked in: Mineral Separation Lab since Spring '06 as a lab technician.
I am interested in continuing eduation at graduate school in hydrogeology of geological engineering. I have experience constructing geological maps and cross sections. I have interpreted air photos, seismic data, and seismic databases. I have experience in constructing geologic reports.

Mark Kannen Mark Kannen
Bachelors of Earth and Atmospheric Science Education: December, '07

Interests: Education, Enivornmental Sustainablity, Fluvial Geomorphology
Worked in: Mineral Separation Lab since Fall '06 as a lab a technician.
I am obtaining an Earth & Space Science Education degree. In addition to geology and educational outreach, I have worked extensively with a team of aeronuatical engineers; an experience which culminated in a third place finish at an international competition. I wil be student teaching at West Lafayette High School in Fall '07. I relish both the friendships I have made and the knowledge I have learned while working in the Mineral Separation Laboratory and I look forward to sharing my experiences with others.

Kesler Krieg Kesler Krieg
Bachelors of Enviornmental GeoScience: December, '07
Interests: Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology.
Worked in: Mineral Separation Lab since Summer, '07.
I am currently investigating graduate schools on the east coast or working full time. My repertoire of classes is extensive and has reached across a large portion of the sciences with a solid engineering base. Primarily, I would like to work for a private consulting firm in relation to engineering geology. In the past I have worked for a medicinal pharmacology lab, biogeochemistry lab and currently PRIME lab.

Joe Kutch Joe Kutch
Bachelors of Geology: December, '07
Interests: Structural Geology, Basin Analysis, Sedimentary Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology
Worked in: Prime Lab since August 2005 as lab assisstant.
I am interested in obtaining full time work after graduation in either the petroleum industry or for a utility company. I would like to work in well logging or drilling and maintenance for a petroleum company or do emissions testing and chemistry for an electric utility company. I have had multiple field based geology and earth science classes, along with an internship with the chemical division of a coal buring power plant company.

Kim Peters Kim Peters
Bachelors in Geology: May, '08
Interests: Sedimentary Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, Petroleum Geology, Engineering, Basin Analysis
Worked in: Mineral Separation Lab since Fall '06 as a lab technician and web developer.
I am interested in going to graduate school somewhere out of Indiana in the spring or fall of 2009 to study transporation engineering, geotechnical engineering or structural geology. I have worked doing internships in the fields of enviornmenal field work, lab technician work, web developing, volunteer teaching, wetland restoration research, GPS systems, enviornmental engineering, real property inventory reports (RIPR) and enviormental reports.

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Patrick Brennan Patrick Brennan
Ph.D. Student at Purdue University
Advisor: Ken Ridgeway
Thesis topic: Tectonic evolution of the Central Alaska Range
Mr. Brennan is using the resources of PRIME Lab to separate detrital zircons that will be used for U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology. These methods allow us to examine the provenance history of sediments in ancient basins. In particular, he will be looking at sandstone samples from the St. Elias Mountains of southern Alaska and the Alaska Range of central Alaska. The information he gathers will help in interpreting the sedimentary and tectonic history of these basins.

Glynn Bricker Glynn Bricker
Graduate Student at Purdue University
Advisor: Marc Caffee
Thesis Topic: Cosmogenic Effects of Primative Meteorites
I'll be using Prime Lab to measure both 10Be and 26Al in chondrite meteorites with short, less than 3Ma years, recent exposure histories. This will allow us to characterize recent energetic particle interaction. Noble gas measurements will be made to assertain precompaction and recent exposure effects. The difference in these effects will yeild precompaction energetic particle information. Precompaction irradiation effects will constrain early solar system formation.

Andrew Cyr Andrew Cyr
Ph.D. Student at Purdue University
Advisor: Darryl Granger

Paul Landis Paul Landis
Ph.D. Student at Purdue University
Advisor: Ken Ridgway

Christa Placzek Christa Placzek
Post Doc at Purdue University

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Wendy Bohon, Visiting Scholar
Graduate Student at The Ohio State University
Thesis topic:  Geomorphology and Seismic Hazards of Blind Thrusts, Mendoza, Argentina
Miss Bohon is working at PRIME lab to process samples from a series of fluvial terraces along an active blind thrust fault outside of Mendoza, Argentina.  The Cosmogenic Radionuclide dating that will be done here at Purdue will help to constrain the uplift and deformation history of the fault, and thus contribute to the seismic hazard analysis and risk assesment in the Mendoza area.

Professor Shen, Visiting Scholar
with assitance from Gao Bin, Visiting Scholar
U-series Dating Lab at the College of Geographical Sciences, Director
Nanjing Normal University, China
Prof. Shen has been working on important Late Pleistocene sites for addressing the origin of modern Homo sapiens in China, and on Middle Pleistocene sites for addressing the destination of eastern Asian Homo erectus. Since 2003, he has been interested in introducing 26Al/10Be burial dating to Chinese Early-Middle Pleistocene hominid sites. He visited Purdue University, to apply the newly established method of 26Al/10Be burial dating to the hominid occupation and sediment deposition of Zhoukoudian, Locality 1, the site of world-renowned Peking Man, represents a continuation of his previous research programs.

Other Visiting Scholars include:
Greg Hoke
Meridith Kelly
Will Ouimet
Magdelena Salvador
Dijon Tan