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Patrick Brennan

Ph.D. Student at Purdue University

Advisor: Ken Ridgeway

Thesis topic: Tectonic evolution of the Central Alaska Range

Mr. Brennan is using the resources of PRIME Lab to separate detrital zircons that will be used for U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology. These methods allow us to examine the provenance history of sediments in ancient basins. In particular, he will be looking at sandstone samples from the St. Elias Mountains of southern Alaska and the Alaska Range of central Alaska. The information he gathers will help in interpreting the sedimentary and tectonic history of these basins.


Glynn Bricker

Graduate Student at Purdue University

Advisor: Marc Caffee

Thesis Topic: Cosmogenic Effects of Primative Meteorites

I'll be using Prime Lab to measure both 10Be and 26Al in chondrite meteorites with short, less than 3Ma years, recent exposure histories. This will allow us to characterize recent energetic particle interaction. Noble gas measurements will be made to assertain precompaction and recent exposure effects. The difference in these effects will yeild precompaction energetic particle information. Precompaction irradiation effects will constrain early solar system formation.

Andrew Cyr

Ph.D. Student at Purdue University

Advisor: Darryl Granger


Paul Landis

Ph.D. Student at Purdue University

Advisor: Ken Ridgway

Christa Placzek

Post Doc at Purdue University