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Our Visiting Scholars

Wendy Bohon, Visiting Scholar

Graduate Student at The Ohio State University

Thesis topic:  Geomorphology and Seismic Hazards of Blind Thrusts, Mendoza, Argentina

Miss Bohon is working at PRIME lab to process samples from a series of fluvial terraces along an active blind thrust fault outside of Mendoza, Argentina.  The Cosmogenic Radionuclide dating that will be done here at Purdue will help to constrain the uplift and deformation history of the fault, and thus contribute to the seismic hazard analysis and risk assesment in the Mendoza area.

Professor Shen, Visiting Scholar

with assitance from Gao Bin, Visiting Scholar

U-series Dating Lab at the College of Geographical Sciences, Director

Nanjing Normal University, China

Prof. Shen has been working on important Late Pleistocene sites for addressing the origin of modern Homo sapiens in China, and on Middle Pleistocene sites for addressing the destination of eastern Asian Homo erectus. Since 2003, he has been interested in introducing 26Al/10Be burial dating to Chinese Early-Middle Pleistocene hominid sites. He visited Purdue University, to apply the newly established method of 26Al/10Be burial dating to the hominid occupation and sediment deposition of Zhoukoudian, Locality 1, the site of world-renowned Peking Man, represents a continuation of his previous research programs.

Other Visiting Scholars include:

Greg Hoke

Meridith Kelly

Will Ouimet

Magdelena Salvador

Dijon Tan