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Image Gallery - Students and Friends

There are many photos that have been taken over the years. Below are a few, in no particular order.

The Nanoscale Physics Group in the summer of 1997: Top (l to r): Dan Lovall, Julio Gomez, Dave Schaefer, Ron Reifenberger, Takhee Lee. Bottom (l to r): Elton Graugnard and Brian Walsh.

After a hard day of work at the Nanoscale,  a picture of some of the group in February 2004. Back row (l to r): Laron Walker, Brad Sharros, Scott Crittenden, Nick Vargo, Ron Reifenberger. Front row (l to r.): Prof. Hong Tan, Stephen Brown, Sorubh Mahadoo, Yexian Qin.

Dorota Inerowicz and Steve Howell thinking deeply about something during the Summer of 2002

A  picture of the group during the summer of 2003. From l. to r.: Stephen Brown, Steve Tripp, Laura Guirl, Scott Crittenden, Gabor Pszota, Per Hatlevik, Travis Martin and Dong Woo Khang

The Birck Nanotechnology Center under construction at Purdue. October 24, 2003.

At TNT03 Conference in Salamanca, Spain. These lovely Spanish women make the TNT Conference series happen! From L to R: Paloma, Critina, Rosa, x, x, and Conchie.

Prof. Daniel Ugarte personally autographing his best selling CD on  the destruction of nanowires. Quilmes Argentina, May 2003

Jeff Bielfeld, Prof. R.P. Andres and Dan Lovall working on the Multiple Expansion Cluster Source (MECS).

A picture of those attending the Quilmes Workshop on Molecular Conduction; May 2003

Discussing old times and new ideas with Nacho Pascual. Pucon, Chile; December 2003.

Elton Graugnard working on the Field-ion/Field emission chamber. October 2000.

On February 25, 2004, Takhee Lee (who worked in our group from ~1997-2000) visited Purdue. From l. to r.: Joel Therrien, Nick Vargo, Gabor Pszota, Takhee, Babita Dhayal, and Chun Lan.

Cristina Gomez-Navarro from Universidad Autonoma visited the group in January/February 2001

Dorjderem (Derem for short)  Nyamjav worked with us  between 2000 and 2002. Here he is in his native Mongolian dress.

Oscar Custance shown with the low temperature STM he built for his thesis in Madrid. Oscar spent a few months in our lab during the summer of 2000. He's now living in Japan.

Pedro de Pablo and his family during his post-doc in the Netherlands. Pedro worked very hard with us during the summers of 1998 and 1999.

 Nacho Casuso Paramo in the middle of a long hike in June 2004. Nacho visited our lab for three months. He works in the Barcelona Science Park in NanoBioEngineering. The 17-year cicadas were loudly chirping throughout the hike.

The Spanish connection! Ellen, Ron, Julio, Rafa, Laura and Arvind following an early morning meeting in April 2004.



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