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17 Nov: Andrew and Sean speak and Xiaoling and Shivam present posters at the Conference on Quantitative Approaches in Biology at Northwestern.

7 Nov: Andrew gives a lecture at the 3rd course on Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems at Institut Curie in Paris.

25 Jul: Xiaoling and Sacha's paper on percolation in bacteria appears as the cover article in Cell Systems. Congratulations both!

13 Jul: Andrew and Sean's chapter on stochastic modeling appears in the q-bio textbook. Congratulations both!

9 Jul: Andrew co-organizes and Tommy speaks at the Mathematical Approaches to Cell-Cell Communication and Collective Behaviours workshop at the Banff International Research Station.

26 Jun: Sean and Shivam speak and Shivam gives a poster at the 12th Annual q-bio Conference at Rice.

7 Jun: Shivam and Julien's paper on how cells tell time appears in PLoS Computional Biology. Congratulations both!

18 Apr: Sean receives the Purdue Cagiantas Fellowship. Congratulations Sean!

31 Mar: Former REU student Sacha Greenfield receives the Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations Sacha!

5 Mar: Tommy, Sean, Xiaoling, and Shivam speak and Andrew co-organizes a session at the APS March Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.

1 Mar: Andrew speaks at the Purdue Center for Cancer Research seminar.

18 Jan: Andrew writes the Research Focus in the department's Physics Interactions newsletter.



6 Nov: Julien successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Julien!

4 Nov: Shivam presents a poster at the EMBO Conference on Quantitative Principles in Biology in Heidelberg, Germany.

30 Oct: Julien and Sean's paper on emergent chemotaxis appears in PRL. Congratulations both!

21 Oct: Curtis speaks at the APS Four Corners Meeting in Fort Collins, CO.

6 Sep: Andrew speaks at the Purdue Biological Sciences Structural Biology Seminar.

22 Aug: Andrew becomes a member of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

22 Aug: Graduate student Michael Vennettilli joins the group. Welcome Mike!

3 Aug: Tommy coorganizes and speaks at the Information Engines at the Frontiers of Nanoscale Thermodynamics workshop at Telluride Science Research Center.

25 Jul: Tommy and Sean speak and Sean and Xiaoling present posters at the 11th Annual q-bio Conference at Rutgers.

12 Jul: Andrew presents a poster at the Human Frontier Science Program Awardees Meeting in Lisbon.

13 Jun: Andrew speaks at the Canadian Workshop on Information Theory in Quebec City.

4 Jun: Xiaoling attends the q-bio Summer School in Fort Collins, CO.

30 May: REU student Curtis Peterson joins the group. Welcome Curtis!

8 May: Andrew gives the Physics Colloquium at Oregon State.

3 May: Julien receives the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship. Congratulations Julien!

27 Apr: Sean receives the Edward S. Akeley Award for theoretical physics. Congratulations Sean!

8 Apr: Sean speaks and Julien presents a poster at the Midwest Qbio Symposium at Notre Dame.

7 Apr: Andrew speaks at the Simons Conference on Theory & Biology.

14 Feb: Sean's paper on collective sensing appears in PRL as an Editor's Suggestion. Congratulations Sean!

8 Jan: Julien presents a poster at the Gordon Research Conference on Stochastic Physics in Biology in Ventura, CA.



23 Dec: The Mugler group receives an NIH (NIGMS) R01 grant with Gurol Suel.

16 Dec: Andrew speaks at TU Delft and AMOLF in the Netherlands.

3 Nov: Sean attends the 2nd Course on Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems at Institut Curie in Paris.

22 Oct: Andrew co-organizes the Midwest QBio Symposium at Purdue.

3 Oct: Andrew speaks at the UCSD qBio Seminar.

12 Sep: Andrew speaks at the Purdue Chemistry Biochemistry Seminar.

29 Aug: Tommy's paper on cell-cell communication appears in PNAS. Congratulations Tommy!

9 Aug: Julien's paper on collective chemotaxis appears in Biophysical Journal and is featured on the homepage [video]. Congratulations Julien!

27 Jul: Tommy speaks and Julien and Sean present posters at the 10th Annual q-bio Conference at Vanderbilt.

23 Jun: Tommy coorganizes Information Engines at the Frontiers of Nanoscale Thermodynamics workshop at Telluride Science Research Center; Tommy and Andrew speak.

6 Jun: Graduate student Shivam Gupta and REU student Sacha Greenfield join the group. Welcome Shivam and Sacha!

20 May: Sean's paper on spatial gradient sensing appears in Physical Biology. Congratulations Sean!

18 May: Julien presents a poster at the Information, Probability and Inference in Systems Biology Conference at IST Austria.

16 May: Graduate student Xiaoling Zhai joins the group. Welcome Xiaoling!

11 May: Julien and Andrew present posters at the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy Mini-symposium at Purdue.

28 Apr: Andrew receives the Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching.

15 Apr: The Mugler Group recieves a 2016-2017 Purdue Research Foundation grant.

12 Apr: Trey's paper on molecular clustering appears in Biophysical Journal. Congratulations Trey!

9 Apr: Tommy and Luke give "lightning" talks at the 3rd Semi-Annual Midwestern Quantitative Biology (MidQBio) Seminar.

22 Mar: Luke's paper on bacterial decision-making appears in PLoS Computional Biology. Congratulations Luke!

22 Mar: Andrew speaks at the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics at Rice, and then at the University of Houston.

18 Mar: The Mugler group receives a Human Frontier Science Program grant with Rik Korswagen and Marie-Anne Felix.

14 Mar: Julien, Sean, Tommy, and Andrew speak at the APS March Meeting in Baltimore.

29 Feb: Tommy presents a poster and Andrew speaks at the Biophysical Society Meeting in LA.

16 Feb: Julien's paper on collective sensing appears in Molecular Pharmaceutics. Congratulations Julien!

10 Feb: Andrew speaks at the Workshop on Modeling and Inference from Single Molecules to Cells at Ohio State.

20 Jan: Andrew's work appears in Nature NanotechPRL, and PNAS (twice), all in a two-month span! [press release]

11 Jan: Rotation student Teng Bian joins the group. Welcome Teng!

11 Jan: Tommy attends the School on Physics Applications in Biology, São Paulo, Brazil.



3 Dec: Andrew speaks at the USC Workshop on Communications, Inference, And Computing In Molecular And Biological Systems.

30 Nov: Andrew's paper on DNA motors appears in Nature Nanotechnology. [press release]

14 Nov: Andrew speaks at the 2nd Chicago Area QBio meeting.

10 Nov: Tommy speaks at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Computational Biology Seminar.

16 Oct: Andrew gives the Physics Colloquium at UM-Dearborn.

1 Oct: Andrew gives the Physics Colloquium at IUPUI.

3 Jun: The Mugler Group receives the 2015-2016 Showalter Trust Award with Co-PI Bumsoo Han.

26 May: Graduate student Sean Fancher and REU student Luke Hayden join the group. Welcome Sean and Luke!

19 May: Andrew speaks at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems in Snowbird, UT.

18 May: Andrew is named a Simons Investigator in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems, 2015-2020.

14 May: Andrew speaks at the Purdue Mini-symposium, Hitchiker's Guide to the Protein Galaxy.

28 Apr: The Mugler Group recieves a 2015-2016 Purdue Research Foundation grant.

15 Apr: Andrew gives the Purdue Biomedical Engineering Colloquium.

3 Mar: Andrew speaks at the APS March Meeting.

12 Jan: Postdoc Tommy Byrd and graduate student Julien Varennes join the group. Welcome Tommy and Julien!



20 Nov: Andrew gives the Purdue Physics Colloquium.

13 Oct: Andrew speaks at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

15 Sep: Undergraduate researcher Trey Roob joins the group. Welcome Trey!

25 Aug: Andrew joins the department. Welcome Andrew!