Organizing Committee

John H. Cushman, Dept. of Mathematics, Center for Applied Mathematics, Purdue University (physics of fluids in porous media over time/space scales ranging from picoseconds/angstroms to years/miles)

Scott D. King, Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Science, Purdue University (dynamics of planetary interiors, including the formation and evolution of plate tectonics and migration of magma, parallel computing)

Laura Pyrak-Nolte, Dept. of Physics, Purdue University (applied geophysics, experimental and theoretical seismic wave propagation, rock mechanics, fluid flow through earth materials)

Cass Miller, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of North Carolina (environmental engineering, lattice-Boltzman simulations of pore fluids)

Lynn Bennethum, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Colorado at Denver (constitutive relations, thermodynamics, swelling porous materials)

Tim Ginn, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering , UC Davis (theoretical and experimental studies of reactive and non-reactive transport in natural subsurface environments)

Patrisha Culligan, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Columbia University (centrifugal modeling as a technique to investigate non-aqueous phase liquid behavior and remediation in soil and fractured rock)

Todd Arbogast, Dept. Mathematics, University of Texas (homogenization, numerical analysis, petroleum engineering and groundwater)


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