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PHYS515: Thermal and Statistical Physics (PAST/FUTURE SEMESTER)


Spring (starting in Spring 2011), Class 3, cr. 3


PHYS 310 and 344. Coreq. 360 and 330

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Equilibrium states, the concept of heat, and the laws of thermodynamics; the existence and properties of the entropy and free energies; different thermodynamic potentials and their uses; phase diagrams and phase transitions; introduction to statistical mechanics and its relation to thermodynamics; treatment of ideal gases.


Ritchie, Ken


Textbook(s) for Spring 2014
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics Frederick Reif (December 31, 2008) 978-1577666127 Waveland Pr Inc Required
Thermodynamics Enrico Fermi June 1, 1956 978-0486603612 Dover Publications Optional

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