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PHYS570E: Introduction to Biophysics (PAST/FUTURE SEMESTER)


3 credits


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This course objective is to educate and train individuals to apply the concepts and methods of the physical sciences to the solution of biological problems. Students will be introduced to a physical description of a wide range of phenomena, from molecular and cell mechanisms to the function of the human brain. This introductory overview of frontiers in Photobiophysics, Neurophysics, bioinformatics and Synchrotron based biological spectroscopy will help students to broad their views. This course prepares physics students for research and development work in an interdisciplinary/medical environment.

Topics include molecular forces in biological structures, cell organization, structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids, and biological membranes, flow of genetic information, biological thermodynamic and kinetic (enzymatic reactions), electrostatic interactions in biology, physico-chemical basis of neuron signaling (membrane potentials, action potential generation and propagation, synaptic transmission, sensory receptor function), interaction of biological molecules with light (primary processes in photosynthesis, vision), functional studies of brain.

This course is designed for students at the senior undergraduate or entering graduate student level. The course will be self-contained (i.e. no prior biology courses are required)


Pushkar, Yulia


Textbook(s) for Fall 2014
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
REQUIRED: Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life Philip Nelson 1st; Updated Version 978-0716798972 Freeman & Co. Required

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