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PHYS564: Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics I (PAST/FUTURE SEMESTER)


Sem. 1, Class 3, cr. 3.


Prerequisite: PHYS 360 or 550; or PHYS 460, 461. Authorized equivalent courses or consent of instructor may be used in satisfying course pre- and co-requisites.

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This is the first part of a two-semester course sequence to give an introduction to Particle Physics. Focus is given to the experimental features, with phenomenological and theoretical considerations. This course brings students up to the current status of research in elementary particle physics.

After a chronological introduction, the Standard Model of particles and interactions with emphasis on the electroweak theory is described. The seminal experiments that confirmed the predictions of the Standard Model are presented.

The topics covered include a historical survey of the major discoveries in particle physics, kinematics and quantum mechanics of scattering and decay of particles, particle accelerators, particle interactions with matter, experimental techniques, quarks and leptons, the role of symmetries and a discussion of the electromagnetic, strong, and weak interactions.


Neumeister, Norbert


Textbook(s) for Fall 2014
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics Alessandro Bettini 2nd 978-1107050402 Cambridge University Press Required Earlier version is acceptable

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