Physics and Astronomy - Course Details

PHYS550 (PHYS55000)


Fall, Class 3, cr. 3


PHYS 342 or PHYS 344, PHYS 310 or PHYS 410. Not available for students with credit in PHYS 360 or 460.


Brief historical survey of the development of quantum mechanics; waves in classical physics, wave-packets, uncertainty principle, wave functions, operators, expectation values of dynamical observables; Schroedinger equation with application to one-dimensional problems, the hydrogen atom, electrons pin, periodic table; selected topics in perturbation theory, scattering theory, and compounding of angular momenta. Designed for students needing quantum mechanics background for specialty courses such as PHYS 556, PHYS 560, and PHYS 564.

Course Material for Fall 2018

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