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How to Get Grid Certificates and register to CMS VO

Purdue CMS Tier-2 uses the CERN CA certificate authority to obtain certificates (or user certificate or x.509 certificate).

Requesting a new grid certificate

The whole process for obtaining the certificate is described at certificate procedure.  You should not change your browser, reinstall your computer or replace your computer after you submitted the application for the grid certificate. Otherwise, you have to stop the current application or get rid of the currrent grid certificate and re-apply.

CMS VO Registration

When in possession of a personal certificate, a CMS user has to register his certificate in the CMS Virtual Organisation in order to be authorized to use WLCG resources. The procedure is different depending if you are already registered in the CMS VO or not.

Never Registered to the CMS VO

First of all, make sure that you are registered in the CERN Human Resources database with an e-mail address. Please do NOT use Safari to connect to the CMS VOMS-admin server below, use a recent version of Firefox or Chrome instead. Safari will just give you an error page - the problem is known to Apple since a long time, but so far not resolved.

  1. Go to the CMS VOMS-admin server, and follow the instructions.
  2. You should find yourself in the CERN graybook as a CMS member. If not, contact the CMS secretariat (cms.people at cern.ch).
  3. If you have an account at CERN, provide your e-mail address to match exactly the E-mail field in the CERN phonebook. If not, then give the E-Mail in the CERN graybook. Note that the address you give now will later be used for communication from the CMS-VO system to you.
  4. As an USCMS member, select Anthony Tiradani as Representative and follow these additional steps

Registered to the CMS VO in past

If you want to renew the registration for CMS VO, follow the link here.

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