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Recent Publications

Patterned Protein Microarrays for Bacterial Detection
Stephen W. Howell, Halina D. Inerowicz,Fred E. Regnier and Ron Reifenberge

Molecular Electrostatics of Conjugated Self-Assembled
Monolayers on Au(111) Using Electrostatic Force
S. Howell, D. Kuila, B. Kasibhatla, C. P. Kubiak, D. Janes, and R. Reifenberger,

Nonlinear dynamics of microcantilevers in tapping mode atomic force microscopy: A comparison between theory and experiment
S. I. Lee, S. W. Howell, A. Raman, and R. Reifenberger

Multiprotein Immunoassay Arrays Fabricated by
Microcontact Printing
H. D. Inerowicz, S. Howell, F. E. Regnier, and R. Reifenberger

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Insulating Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111) Andre´ P. Labonte´, Steven L. Tripp, Ronald Reifenberger,and Alexander Wei

Nonlinear dynamic perspectives on dynamic
force microscopy
S. I. Lee a, S. W. Howell b, A. Raman a, R. Reifenberger

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