Dr. Kyoung-Soo Lee

I am an assistant professor in the department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, IN.

I am an observational astronomer interested in:

  • how galaxies and clusters of galaxies form and evolve throughout cosmic time.
  • spatial and kinematic structure of distant galaxies
  • different pathways taken by galaxies and how they are linked to the large-scale structure

My research has been featured in multiple media outlets including Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now, and More details of my research can be found in my curriculum vitae.

Research Highlights

Varied pathways of galaxy formation

I was one of the first to show observational evidence that star formation in the majority of distant galaxies can occur in a `bursty’ manner. As a result, these galaxies flicker throughout cosmic time and are visible only for a fraction of time, as illustrated in the figure (left). My findings are in stark contrast with a continuous and increasing rate of star formation (the right panel) inferred for more luminous and more massive galaxies at the same cosmic epoch. These studies together highlight dramatically different pathways taken by galaxies depending on their masses and large-scale environment.

Witnessing the Early Growth of Galaxy clusters

I discovered and confirmed the largest and most distant cosmic structure (observed when the universe was only 12% of the current age), which will evolve into a most massive class of galaxy cluster by the present day. My group’s comprehensive investigation of this system, including its large-scale structure, a census of galaxy inhabitants, and their physical properties, not only provided an unprecedentedly detailed view of the early stage of cluster formation but also demonstrated the complexity of astrophysical processes governing the formation of its galaxy constituents in dense cosmic environment.

The Physical Origin of Diffuse Lyman Alpha Emission

My group made precision measurements of diffuse hydrogen Lyman α emission around distant galaxies. The figure shows the average image of distant galaxies (at z~3.8) at Lyα wavelengths (top) and ~1700 angstrom, rest-frame (bottom). The right panels show the radially-averaged surface brightness profile of these images. By comparing with theoretical predictions, we demonstrated that ionizing radiation from recently formed stars is the primary power source for this very extended emission. My results pose a serious challenge to the relative importance of gravitational cooling radiation, a popular hypothesis of cosmological origin for the diffuse Lyα phenomenon. This has sharpened the focus of Lyα surface brightness measurement by redefining it as a useful observational tool to constrain the star formation activity within the galaxy.


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A graduate-level course on stellar structure and stellar evolution


An introductory course on cosmology intended for science and engineering majors. The main topic of this course includes observational techniques and their results to map the large scale structure of the universe, historical perspectives of how ideas and data have shaped cosmology throughout modern history, and theoretical models that are in agreement/disagreement with current observations.


This course is intended to introduce science and engineering majors who are comfortable with calculus-based courses to the relevant physics to stars, galaxies, active galaxies, and to cosmology.


Introductory calculus-based physics course using fundamental interactions between atoms to describe Newtonian mechanism, conservation laws, energy quantization, entropy, the kinetic theory of gases, and other related topics of thermodynamics.

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