Physics 56400 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics

Course description:

Instructor: Jones
Title: Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics
Offering: Sem. 1, Class 3, cr. 3.
Room : HAMP 1252
Time : 10:30-11:45 Tuesday and Thursday
Prerequisites: Phys 360/ Phys 550 or Phys 460/ Phys 461 or equivalent. May be taken simultaneously.
Text: Some combination of class handouts to supplement
Bettini, Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics
Syllabus: Can be found here.
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Description: This is the first part of a two-semester course sequence to give
an introduction to Particle Physics. Focus is given to the experimental
features, with phenomenological and theoretical considerations.
This course brings students up to the current status of research in
elementary particle physics.

After a chronological introduction, the Standard Model of particles and
interactions with emphasis on the electroweak theory is described.
The seminal experiments that confirmed the predictions of the Standard
Model are presented.

The topics covered include a historical survey of the major discoveries
in particle physics, kinematics and quantum mechanics of scattering and
decay of particles, particle accelerators, particle interactions with
matter, experimental techniques, quarks and leptons, the role of
symmetries and a discussion of the electromagnetic, strong, and weak

Assignments: Assignment #1 - Due September 7th
Assignment #2 - Due September 21st
Assignment #3 - Due October 24th   Solutions
Assignment #4 - Due November 30th  
Midterm: Wednesday, Nov 1, 7-9 PM, Room Phys 110
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