Welcome to the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), an important key component/facility of the Center for Sensing Science and Technology (CSST) at Purdue University. The CSST was established in 2000 for the purpose of carrying out academic research, reference, and education in sensing science and technology focused on the identification of hazardous materials. The goals are: to develop and support world-class research in sensing science & technology; to create educational resources & materials; to provide a focal point for agencies, universities, and groups working to advance sensing science and technology; and to encourage and enhance cross-disciplinary research.


The present research and development efforts for the CSST Programs are focused on sensing science and technology applications in the areas of aviation security, military installation security, and homeland security, chemical/biological agent detection, explosives detection, and counter-terrorist activities. These are leading national security issues and priorities.

The CSST Programs have been working on development of multiple detector systems using differing technology with external funding of ~$3M per year since August 2000. Currently the CSST has five on-going programs: Integrated Detection of Hazardous Materials (IDHM) Program; Neutron-Based Sensors (NBS) Programs; Micro-Array/Nano-enabled Sensors (MA/NES) Program; Demining/Explosives Detection (D/ED) Program; and Radiological/Nuclear Materials (RNM) Program.


In 2003, Purdue University and the CSST established a new laboratory facility, Purdue University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). Professor David Koltick was officially appointed as the first Director of the APL. The APL is heavily involved with IDHM, NBS, D/ED, and RNM Programs in addition to other applied physics programs. New laboratory facilities at the APL enable faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students to perform world-class research in several areas of applied physics. I look forward to many fruitful research projects carried out at the APL under the leadership of Professor Koltick for many years to come.


Yeong Kim

Yeong Kim, Professor of Physics
Director of the Center for Sensing Science and Technology
Purdue University

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