Giannios Group

- High Energy Astrophysics



Courses Taught by Giannios:

  • Solar System (ASTRO263)
  • Electromagnetism II (PHYS431)
  • Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS660)
  • Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS661)
  • Galaxies and Large Scale Structure (PHYS561)
  • Electromagnetism II (PHYS631)
  • General Physics II (PHYS219)
  • General Physics (PHYS220)

Undergraduate engagement to research:

We are always looking for highly motivated undergraduates to join our research projects. Our undergrads have proved to be excellent and productive collaborators.

Scientific publications with undergraduate involvement:

  1. Radio SNRs in the Magellanic Clouds as probes of shock microphysics
    R. Barniol Duran, J. F. Whitehead & D. Giannios 2016; MNRAS Letters, 462, L31
  2. An anisotropic minijets model for the GRB prompt emission
    R. Barniol Duran, M. Leng, M. & D. Giannios 2016, MNRAS Letters, 455, L6
  3. Testing the neutrino annihilation model for launching GRB jets
    M. Leng & D. Giannios 2014, MNRAS Letters, 445, L1

Additional Resources:

Solar system in your backyard by Katya Giannios 

Solar system in your backyard