What is a Gamma Ray?

Gamma Rays
Gamma rays comprise the uppermost end of the electro-magnetic spectrum. They are photons with a wavelength of less than10-10 m. The lower most energy of a gamma ray is around 1 KeV(10-16 J). An individual gamma ray such as we dealt with is about500 GeV. This roughly equates to 10-8 J. For comparisons sake, visible light ranges from 4x10-7 m to 7x10-7 m.A single visible photon possesses, at most, 10-20 J (about 1 eV). This energy discrepency continues upward due to the large range of gamma rayenergies. These can exceed 1 EeV (1018 eV or 0.1 J).
The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum

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