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Diane L. Martin
Administrative Assistant

Center for Sensing Science and Technology              Applied Physics Laboratory

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Office: Physics 256                                                                   Applied Physics Laboratory                 

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Diane Martin

                                                        3304 S. 11th Street

                                                                                    Lafayette, IN   47909-2922       Home  765-474-4929




Education               Bachelor of Science in Management, School of Management, Purdue University,

                                    West Lafayette, Indiana  47907 

                                    Concentration:  Labor Relations            Minor:  Psychology


Professional               2004 to present               Purdue University                  West Lafayette, IN  47907             


                                    Administrative Assistant, Center for Sensing Science and Technology (CSST)   

                                                                                Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)


                                    Assist in all facets of these Purdue affiliations.                                   


                                    The CSST Programs have been working on a development of multiple detector systems

                                    using differing technology with external funding of ~ $3M per year since August 2000.

                                    Currently the CSST has five on-going programs: Integrated Detection of Hazardous

                                    Materials (IDHM) Program; Neutron-Based Sensors (NBS) Programs; Micro-

                                    Array/Nano-enabled Sensors (MA/NES) Program; De-mining/Explosives Detection

                                    (D/ED) Program; and Radiological/Nuclear Materials (RNM) Program.


                                    In 2003, Purdue University and the CSST established a new laboratory facility, Purdue

                                    University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) with professor David Koltick appointed as

                                    Director. The APL is heavily involved with IDHM, NBS, D/ED, and RNM Programs in

                                    addition to other applied physics programs. New laboratory facilities at the APL enable

                                    faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students to perform world-class research in

                                    several areas of applied physics.


                                    1998-2004                Purdue University                        West Lafayette, IN  47907


                                    Business Manager, School of Chemical Engineering

                                                                     Department of Interdisciplinary  


                                     Analyze an eight million dollar ($8,000,000) school budget and assist the department head

                                     with information to manage budgets.  Process proposals and implement departmental

                                     awards.  Attend trainings on campus and communicate this knowledge to staff.


                                    Other duties include:


                                    Delegating travel, payroll and purchasing to account clerks in office

                                    approving these functions; recruiting clerks, generating performance reviews and coaching

                                    staff; taking part in a four person undergraduate scholarship committee and making sure

                                    that the awards are given accurately through the financial aid system; Assist in making the

                                    transition of faculty members to and from the University a uniform process.


                                    Reconciling the 22 million dollar 'New Wing Campaign', the new faculty start-up

                                    commitments (approx. 5 million dollars), the general funds and the sponsored research



                                    Responsible for submission of proposals to agencies such as, but not limited to National

                                    Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, State of Indiana, and the Department of



                                    1997-1998                Purdue University                            West Lafayette, IN  47907


                                    Loan Collection Officer


                                    Responsible for collection on a portion of delinquent student loans using telephone and

                                    written techniques.  Documented these techniques and followed-up on a monthly basis. 

                                    Coordinated loan consolidation paperwork and initiated assignments of old loans to the

                                    Department of Education


                                    1994-1996                Andover, Incorporated                        Lafayette, IN  47904


                                    Inside Sales Administrator


                                    Total operational responsibility for in-house sales and accounts receivable collections for

                                    both the Lafayette and Kenton Ohio facilities.  Position included supervision of inside sales

                                    clerk, preparation of shipping manifests, billing, customer inquiries, order entry, price

                                    quoting, customer complaints, order expediting and communication with outside sales.


                                    1981-1994                University Book Store                        West Lafayette, IN  47906


                                    Various Managerial Positions


                                    Office Manager, Personnel Coordinator, Trade Book Manager & Textbook staff and

                                    'Book Rush' coordinator.  Activities included:  Supervision and scheduling of part time

                                    students (120), data entry of adopted textbook material, reconciliation of all sales, over-

                                    seeing all accounts receivables, responsibility for all accounts payables, supervision of

                                    payroll, and responsibility for all accounting reports related to the business.


Skills                           Financial:  All forms related to Purdue University, ranging from payroll forms to printing

                                    services forms, proposal preparation & review, bi-weekly & monthly payroll.


                                    Supervisory:  Responsible for daily operation of departmental business office.  Manage

                                    and train employees.


                                    Training Skills:  COEUS training team (proposal budget development also) and DSS/

                                    Brio Query Assistant Trainer


                                    Interpersonal:  Function professionally and effectively with a diverse group of faculty,

                                    staff, students and outside sponsors.  Excellent communications skills.


                                    Computer:  NSF Fast lane system, ARIBA purchasing system, Explorer, Netscape,

                                    Purdue data base systems, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


References                Furnished upon request




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