Selected excerpts and related material from my courses on computational physics and my book of same name.

The following links will take you to selected excerpts from my courses and book on computational physics, and related material. These are short pieces which will hopefully give a bit of the flavor of the material. However, most of the calculational details are omitted; to find them you will have to look at my book.

Also, some of the material described below is not in the book. Portions of the material on vibrating strings were developed since the book was written, and are the subject of an article which will be published in the journal Computers in Physics. The material on randomness and language was assembled for a course on computational science for non-physics majors, and did not find its way into the book.

Motion of a Batted Baseball

Choatic Motion and the Billiard Problem

Vibrating Strings and Musical Instruments

Neural Networks and Models of the Brain

Randomness, Entropy, and Language

Table of Contents of Computational Physics

Preface to the book

Nick Giordano