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Welcome to Purdue University's Women in Physics!

Women in Physics is a university organization that brings the women studying and working in the physics department together to get to know one another to counteract isolation, provide more female physicist role models, and create a more positive environment in which to learn more about physics.

We meet regularly to discuss current topics concerning women in science and all the world. We discuss many current and interesting things such as strategies for landing a job in physics, conflicting roles women face between their research and their families, and even broader topics such as rape prevention and opening up the lines of communication between men and women.

Of course, we also talk about physics. There is a guest speaker at most meetings, be it a famous research scientist from abroad or a professor that you might run into in the halls of the building. Everyone has something to say. Our meetings are informal, and always have lunch or other refreshments.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings, and you can rest assured that anything you have to say will be listened to and respected. Respect is the foundation of Women in Physics, and we feel that it is important for everyone to feel comfortable at our meetings.