Committee Members


The committee consists of various posts with responsibilities for heading the different activities organized by PGSA. It has representatives from 2nd to 5th and 6+ years with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 members. Roles of executive members are as described in the constitution. The current executive members are as follows:

Committee Members
Name Post
Riddhi Mehta President
Troy Seberson Vice-President
Vidhi Shingla Treasurer
John Banovetz Secretary
Rishabh Khare Webmaster
Amandeep Singh Bakshi PurdueGradStudentGovt (PGSG) Senator
Abigail Kopec Research Progress & Human Resources
Amandeep Singh Bakshi Teaching & Professional Development
Amanda Depoian Community Building
Ananthesh Sundaresh Seminar Series
Abigail Kopec Safety Committee Representative
Zhujing Xu International Representative
Akilesh Venkatesh Committee
Amanda Harrison Committee
Mary Ann Hodge Committee
Shivam Gupta Committee
Abhilash Reddy Kalam  Committee
Jared Bland Committee
Uday Sood Committee