Committee Members


The committee consists of various posts with responsibilities for heading the different activities organized by PGSA. It has representatives from 2nd to 5th and 6+ years with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 members. Roles of executive members are as described in the constitution. The current executive members are as follows:

Committee Members
Name Post
Jared Bland President
Ian Christie Vice-President
Riddhi Mehta Treasurer
John Banovetz Secretary
Harshad Sahasrabudhe  Webmaster
Anna Mirza PurdueGradStudentGovt (PGSG) Senator
Abby Kopec Research Progress & Human Resources
Liyang Jiang Teaching & Professional Development
Matt Eiles Community Building
Matt Eiles Seminar Series
Darryl Masson Safety Committee Representative
Srey Agarwal Committee
Andres Llacsahuanga Allcca Committee
Amandeep Singh Bakshi Committee
Branden Burns Committee
Cheng-An Chen Committee
Mary Ann Hodge Committee
Abhilash Kalam Committee
Amanda Landcastle Committee
Hyunwoo (Sam) Lee Committee
Kate Schreiber Committee
Troy Seberson Committee
Akhil Jasingh Sheoran Committee
Julien Varennes Committee