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1999 International Symposium on Cluster And Nanostructure Interfaces, Richmond, VA.
  • Session C.4,The Temperature Dependence of the Conductance of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    E. Graugnard, B. Walsh, P.J. de Pablo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), R. P. Andres, S. Datta, and R. Reifenberger.
NANOTUBE-99, East Lansing, Michigan
  • Session G.11 A simple, reliable technique for making electrical contact to multi-walled carbon nanotubes,
    Elton Graugnard, Brian Walsh, Pedro J. dePablo*, S. Datta, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University), *(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid).
1999 Electronic Materials Conference (EMC), Santa Barbara, California
  • Session. K Non-alloyed Ohmic Contact on GaAs,
    Takhee Lee, Jia Liu, B. Walsh, R. P. Andre, E. H. Chen, D. B. Janes, M.R. Melloch, J. M. Woodall*, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University), *(Yale University).
  • Session Q Directed Self-Assembly of Metal/Semiconductor Structures for Nanoelectronic Devices and Circuits,
    B. Walsh, M. Batistuta, Takhee Lee, Jia Liu, Q. Qu, E. H. Chen, R. P. Andres, D.B. Janes, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University).
1999 APS March Meeting Abstracts, Atlanta, Georgia
  • UC22.04 Nanoscale Ohmic Contact Using Nanometer-size Au Clusters on GaAs: A STM study,
    Takhee Lee, Jia Liu, D.B. Janes, M.R. Melloch, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University).
  • IC02.03 A Reliable Technique for Making Electrical Contact to Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes,
    E. Graugnard, B. Walsh, P.J. de Pablo, Andres, S. Datta, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University).
  • UC15.08 Micro-contact Patterning of GaAs Using a Self-assembled Monolayer Resist,
    B. Walsh, D.B. Janes, E. Peckham, Q. Qu, M. Batitute, J. Lauterbach, M.R. Melloch (Purdue University).
1998 APS March Meeting Abstracts
  • K24.11 Electronic Conduction in Poly-Paraphenylene Molecular Wires: A Comparison Between Experiment and Theory,
    S. Hong, W. Tian, J.I. Henderson, S. Datta, C.P. Kubiak, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University) .
  • S19.06 The Electronic and Structural Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes,
    D. Lovall, E. Graugnard, M. Buss, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University).
  • C20.05 Experimentally Resolving the Atomic Structure of Supported Nanometer-size Gold Clusters,
    R. Reifenberger, D. Lovall, M. Buss, R.P. Andres (Purdue University).
1997 APS March Meeting Abstracts
  • K28.09 STM Study of Encapsulated Nanometer Size Gold Clusters: Room Temperature Single Electron Tunneling Effects,
    S. Hong, J.D. Bielefeld, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University).
  • K28.12 Imaging Surface Atoms on Supported Nanometer-size Au Clusters,
    D. Lovall, M. Buss, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University).
1996 APS March Meeting Abstracts
  • M24.09 Electrostatic and van der Waals Interaction Forces Between Micron-size Spheres and Flat Substrates,
    B. Gady, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University), D.S. Rimai, L.P. Demejo(Eastman Kodak Co.)
  • E24.11 STM Study of Single Crystal Au Islands on MoS_2,
    S. Hong, J.D. Bielefeld, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University)
  • E6.09 Determining the Atomic Structure and Orienatation of Nanometer-size Supported Clusters,
    D. Lovall, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger (Purdue University)
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