Open positions

Graduate and undergraduate students

Our group is looking for motivated students to work on various topics of Condensed Matter physics. Specifically, we are looking for students to work on the projects related to the fundamental physics of topological superconductivity, Majorana fermions and topologically protected quantum computing, and on more device oriented projects aiming to achieve electrical control of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic states, and physics of complex phase transitions.

Postdoctoral associate position

our group has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher to work on various topics related to the realization of topological superconductivity and non- Abelian excitations. The lab is equipped to perform dc and ac transport measurements at low temperatures and high magnetic fields, Purdue is a home to Birck Nanotechnology Center, a state-of- the-art cleanroom and fabrication facility. A potential candidate is expected to supervise and work closely with graduate students. Experience with cryogenics, low noise transport measurements and semiconductor fabrication technology will be advantageous. If interested please contact Prof. Rokhinson at

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