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- High Energy Astrophysics

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Centaurus A

Centaurus A; credit ESA/NASA

Research Interests

High-energy astrophysics:

  • Theoretical study of the physics of relativistic flows
  • Acceleration, composition of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
  • The central engine of gamma-ray bursts
  • Accretion and transients in the Galactic center


  • Compact objects in general relativity and modified theories of gravity

Recent Group News

September 2017: Adithan, Rodolfo and Dimitrios propose a promising source a light in connection to gravitation wave detections of binary neutron star mergers. 

September 2017: Maria and Dimitrios are organizing a special session about "Jets in the era of multi-messenger astronomy" to be held in the EWASS 2018 conference.  Abstract submission is open until 27 November 2017. See also Maria's News & Views piece on Nature Astronomy about GRB polarization

August 2017: Our comprehensive study on the stability of relativistic jets appears to the Purdue Research highlights and receives extensive publicity: here, here, and here

June 2017: Maria, Rodolfo and Dimitrios propose a model that can, for the first time, explain the durations and luminosities of gamma-ray bursts.

June 2017: Dimitrios co-authors a detailed exploration on whether millisecond magnetars are the engines of gamma-ray bursts. 

April 2017: The students advance. Ian's work on the radio emission in the Galactic center and Adithan's work on the fallback rate of gas after a stellar tidal disruption have just been published.

March 2017: Great career advancement for the group's postdocs. Maria has been awarded the prestigious Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Postdoctoral Fellowship at Princeton University. Rodolfo has just accepted a tenure-track position at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at California State University Sacramento. Both positions start this Fall.

March 2017: Work from Ian, Maria, and Dimitrios Highlighted by Nature Astronomy.

January 2017: Opening of a postdoctoral position in Giannios' group. To appear formally in next month's AAS job register. Applications accepted ASAP.

December 2016: Dimtirios is awarded a 3-year, NASA Astrophysics Theory Program grant to study the emission from blazar jets. Maria is a co-investigator to this grant.

December 2016: Rodolfo, Dimitrios together with Alexander Tchekhovskoy completed a comprehensive study on the stability a relativistic jets.   

December 2016: Dimitrios and David Kaplan are awarded a Research Corporation grant aiming at "Identifying the origin of the Extreme Scattering Events". It is the second time that Dimtirios receives such competitive award from the Research Corporation.

October 2016: The group members travel and present their research. Maria presents at GoddardHarvard, Columbia; Ian at Columbia; Adithan and Rodolfo at Huntsville; Dimitrios at Tuscon.

September 2016: Maria gives an invited talk at a Cern workshop, Dimitrios gives invited presentations in Bonn and Paris.

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