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Introduction to Maple

(from Computing Seminar on 11/11/97)

Mark P. Haugan, Physics Department, Purdue University

For now, the most effective way to distribute Maple material via the World Wide Web is directly as worksheets. The link below is the Maple worksheet (in mws format) discussed during the Computing Seminar on 11/11/97.

Maple Introduction Worksheet

If Maple is installed on the computer you run your browser on, you can configure your broswer so that when you click on a link to download a worksheet from our server the browser will launch Maple and run the worksheet. The above worksheet has the mime type of application/maple-v-r4 for Maple V5 Release 4. How-to instructions for configuring Netscape 3.0 to do this can be found at


I did, however, find the procedure for configuring the Windows version of Netscape 3.0 Gold slightly different than the one described. (For earlier versions of a browser like Netscape 2.0 on Unix, you may have to manually edit some configuration files; see notes.) Contact PCN to see whether Purdue's Maple site license entitles you to install Maple on your computer at no cost.

If your browser is not set up to handle worksheets as described above or if another server you are downloading from is not set up as ours is, worksheets are simply downloaded as ASCII files that you can save. Such worksheet files can be opened as usual when you run Maple later. If you are in this situation and would like to see more or less what the introductory worksheet looks like, you will find it at

Maple Introduction Worksheet in HTML

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