!DOCTYPE html> Third Purdue Workshop on Relativistic Plasma Astrophysics, Purdue University, May 7-9 2018

Following the latest observational developments, the dynamics, dissipation and particle acceleration in relativistic, strongly magnetized plasmas are coming to the front of astrophysical research. To discuss the recent results, current trends and future directions, we are planning to bring some of the most active and influential researches, working in this field, together at Purdue University, May 7-9 2018. The workshop will mostly focus on the theory and computer simulations, with applications to pulsars and magnetars, Fast Radio Bursts, pulsar wind nebulae, Active Galactic Nuclei, Gamma-ray Bursts etc. In order to promote new ideas, a plenty of time will be reserved for questions, formal and informal discussions. All oral talks will be by invitation only, but we plan to organize a poster session for contributed presentations.

There will be no registration fee.

Purdue University


Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

List of Participants and the Program

Workshop Program (PDF) | Presentation Slides | Photos

  • Paulo Alves, Efficient non-thermal particle acceleration mediated by the current-driven kink instability in jets
  • Maxim Barkov, 3D dynamics and morphology of bow-shock Pulsar Wind Nebulae
  • Andrei Beloborodov, Radiation-mediated shock waves in gamma-ray bursts
  • Vasili Beskin, A few words about radio pulsars and relativistic jets
  • Roger Blandford, Magnetar models of FRB
  • Omer Bromberg, Jet-ejecta interaction in sGRBs and the connection with EM counterparts of LIGO events
  • Damiano Caprioli, New Insights on Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnants
  • Benoit Cerutti, Magnetic dissipation in pulsar winds
  • Alexander Chen, Electrodynamics of magnetars: on gaps and hard X-ray emission
  • Luca Comisso, Plasmoids and particle acceleration in macroscopic systems
  • Ioannis Contopoulos, A cosmic battery in accretion flows around astrophysical black holes
  • Koushik Chatterjee, Probing Large Scale Relativistic Jets
  • James Drake, An new MHD/kinetic model for exploring reconnection-driven particle acceleration in macroscale systems
  • Francois Foucart, Neutrino radiation transport in neutron star merger simulations
  • Dimitrios Giannios, A striped wind model for GRB and blazar jets
  • Sam Gralla, Inclined Pulsar Magnetospheres in General Relativity: Polar Caps for the Dipole, Quadrudipole and Beyond
  • Fan Guo, Particle Acceleration and Plasma Dynamics in Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection
  • Hayk Hakobyan, Effects of pair production on collisionless relativistic reconnection
  • Colby Haggerty, Simulations of Relativistic Ion Energization in Collisionless Shocks
  • Alice Harding, Kinetic Simulations of Pulsar Magnetospheres and High Energy Emission
  • Masahiro Hoshino, Nonlinear waves and particle acceleration in relativistic shocks
  • Rui Hu, PIC Simulations or Relativistic Magnetospheres with APERTURE
  • Matthew Kunz, Troubling and not-so-troubling aspects of waves, turbulence, and reconnection in high-beta, collisionless plasmas
  • Amir Levinson, 1D PIC simulations of a starved BH magnetosphere
  • Hui Li, Particle Energization in Different Astrophysical Turbulent Environments
  • Xinyu Li, Dissipation of Alfven Waves in Relativistic Magnetospheres of Magnetars
  • Maxim Lyutikov, Radiation in relativistic plasmas
  • Andrew MacFadyen, Synchrotron light curves from neutron star mergers
  • Mikhail Medvedev, Electron-Positron Cascade in Magnetospheres of Spinning Black Holes and the Structure of the Gap Region
  • Antonios Nathanail, From GRBs to FRBs: simulations and thoughts
  • Kyle Parfrey, Relativistic Accretion onto Millisecond Pulsars
  • Maria Petropoulou, Revisiting the high-energy cutoff of accelerated particles in relativistic magnetic reconnection
  • Alexander Philippov, Pulsar magnetospheres and some other numerical experiments in radiative plasma astrophysics”
  • Illya Plotnikov, PIC study of kinetic structure of perpendicular relativistic shocks
  • Davide Radice, Discovery of gravitational waves and light from merging neutron stars: implications and open questions
  • Alexander Tchekhovskoy, Black hole accretion with a tilt
  • Andrei Timokhin, On the physics of pair plasma generation in pulsars
  • Vassilis Tsiolis, Electron heating in non-relativistic shocks
  • Lorenzo Sironi, Magnetic reconnection in jets and accretion disk coronae
  • Anatoly Spitkovsky, Generation of coherent radiation in astrophysical plasmas
  • Dmitri Uzdensky, Relativistic Particle Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection
  • Greg Werner, Relativistic Reconnection: radiative and 3D effects
  • Yajie Yuan, Heating of the lamppost corona in Seyfert Galaxies and X-ray binaries
  • Haocheng Zhang, Probe the magnetic reconnection events in blazar flares with optical polarization signatures
  • Vladimir Zhdankin, Nonthermal particle acceleration in relativistic plasma turbulence
  • Jonathan Zrake, GRB prompt emission: Sub-photospheric heating by relativistic turbulence
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    We strongly recommend the Purdue Union Hotel for your lodging. A block of rooms has been reserved, with deadline March 1, 2018. Call (800) 320-6291 to reserve a room; the block is being held under Plasma Workshop. Please make your reservation early, as this is a popular place for Purdue visitors.

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