Physics 310 - Intermediate Mechanics - Fall 2006

Refer to the 2006-07 academic calendar for important dates, including deadlines for adding and dropping courses.

The intent is to follow the text fairly closely. This schedule might change slightly but most of the material should still be covered except, perhaps, the last chapter.


Aug 21 Chapter 1 - Introduction, units, review of calculus, vectors, coordinate systems, derivatives of vectors, rectlinear, polar and cylindrical coordinate systems.
Aug 28 Chapter 2 - Motion in one dimension, uniform acceleration, potential and kinetic energy, velocity dependent forces.
Sep 4 Chapter 3 - Oscillations, linear restoring force, equations of motion, simple pendulum, energy conservation.
Sep 11 Chapter 3 (cont.) - damped harmonic motion, forced harmonic motion, Fourier analysis, examples.
Sep 18 Chapter 4 - Motion in 3 dimensions, potential energy, projectile motion, harmonic oscillator in 3 dimensions, motion in electric and magnetic fields.
Sep 25 Chapter 5 - Non-inertial reference frames, rotating coordinate systems, angular velocity.
Oct 2 Chapter 6 - Central forces and gravitation, examples.
Oct 9 First mid-term exam No class Oct 10 (October break)
Oct 16 Chapter 7 - Systems of particles, angular momentum,
center of mass, reduced mass, collisions.
Oct 23 Chapter 8 - Rigid bodies, moments of inertia.
Oct 30 Chapter 8 (cont.) - angular momentum, collisions.
Nov 6 Chapter 9 - Motion of rigid bodies, principal axes.
Nov 13 Chapter 9 (cont.) - Euler's equations of motion.
Nov 20 Second mid-term exam No class Nov 23 (Thanksgiving)
Nov 27 Chapter 10 - Lagrangian mechanics.
Dec 4 Review
Dec 11 Final exam week