Physics 29000 - Service Learning: Quarknet Outreach

Course description:

Instructor: Jones
Title: Service Learning: Quarknet Outreach
Offering: Spring, 1 credit hour.
Room : Phys 390
Time : F 9:00-10:00 am
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor
Lecture 1 Introduction to quarknet
Lecture 2 Particle Physics and Cosmic Rays
Lecture 3 Ionizing Radiation
Lecture 4 Cosmic Ray Detector Hardware
Lecture 5 Cosmic Ray Detector Software
Resources: Hoosier Association of Science Teachers
CloudChamber_1.pdf Survey of cloud chamber designs part 1
CloudChamber_2.pdf Survey of cloud chamber designs part 2
CloudChamber_3.pdf Survey of cloud chamber designs part 3
CloudChamber_4.pdf Survey of cloud chamber designs part 4

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