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Prof. Shipsey — "The World Year of Physics: Einstein's Legacy"


Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's "Miraculous Year", the events of WYP 2005 aim to raise the worldwide public awareness for physics and more generally for physical sciences.

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics declared the year 2005 as the World Year of Physics. With this declaration, people all over the world are joining in the celebration of physics and its importance in our everyday lives.  On June 10, 2004, the United Nations proclaimed their support by declaring 2005 as the International Year of Physics.

The Purdue University Department of Physics is participating in and hosting several WYP events some of which include:
· Celebrating 100 Years of Physics Accomplishments
· Physics Colloquium Series
· Traveling Physics Fun Fest (funded by APS grant)
· Physics in a Box

Faculty participating in WYP events:
· DOE Physicists at Work - Professor Pyrak-Nolte
· Professor Shipsey gave a talk at the SPS Zone Meeting (April 2) - "The World Year of Physics: Einstein's Legacy"

November 10 & 11, Purdue Convocations (with support from the Department of Physics) SuperStrings Concert — to commemorate Einstein's scientific achievements and their impact on our current theory of the Universe through the medium of his beloved violin.

More WYP events will be listed as plans become finalized.

Find out about events worldwide by visiting the official US World Year of Physics website