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Purdue Physics in the News



'Ultracold' molecules promising for quantum computing, simulation



Prof. Chris Greene wins Hamburg Prize for Theoretical Physics


Purdue physicists part of discovery of rare particle decay predicted by the Standard Model



Nano machine shop shapes nanowires, ultrathin films | R&D Mag



Prof. Jay Melosh explains comet fly-by


Physics undergraduate builds solar motorcycle


Prof. Jones teams with Lafayette High School science program


Radioactive decay rates may be more variable than once thought


Nanotech: a revolution for resolution


Quantum Hall effect seen in CVD graphene


Prof. Nolte: The tangled tale of phase space


LHC Collision Reaches World Record Energy


First Results of Searches for the Higgs Boson Published


Exotic Antimatter Detected at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)


Fermilab continues to search for the building blocks of the universe


Physics on the Road featured on the Big Ten Network


Prof. Jay Melosh featured on National Geographic Channel


Professor working in 'environment of extremes'


Prof. Molnar awarded DOE early career grant


Boiler Bytes: Purdue Physics on the Road, in the Classroom



Prof. Shipsey Appointed Co-Leader of the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab


Prof. Rokhinson describes his spintronics research at the Royal Society in London (


Professor overcomes leukemia, deafness (Purdue Exponent)


Graduate Students Sannah Ziama and Abraham Olson Awarded NSF Fellowships


Alexander Nicolaas Gerritsen, Emeritus Professor of Physics, 1913-2009


Physics sophomore stars in Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette production


Most violent black hole jets are gamma-ray beacons - Cosmos Magazine



Purdue researchers find correlations between nuclear decay rates and earth-sun distance


Professors Ian Shipsey and Virgil Barnes interviewed about the LHC (


Physics team finds indication of conical emission of subatomic particles


Prof. Matthew Lister - Very Long Baseline Array Movies Reveal New Details of Cosmic Jets



Prof. Carlson brings Wiki to the classroom


Prof. Matthew Lister - 2012: Repeat of 1859 Solar ‘Super Storm’ Catastrophe?


Test of Newton's second law of motion cited as one of the ten top physics stories for 2007



Prof. Jorge Rodriguez Interviewed by Science Magazine



Prof. Shipsey Interviewed by New Scientist


Prof. Shipsey Interviewed by Nature


Prof. Pyrak-Nolte — DOE physicists at work



Starting from Square One: The intricate behaviors of quarks may finally yield to calculation


Major Breakthrough in Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics


Physicists working with Cornell University’s CESR particle collider embark on the venerable machine’s final mission: to decipher the strong force that binds quarks to one another