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Purdue Press Releases



Spinach could lead to alternative energy more powerful than Popeye


Prof. Lang featured on 'Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman'


Prof. Robicheaux is part of a collaboration to make precision measurements on antihydrogen


Professor Melosh selected as Purdue's 2014 McCoy Award winner


Professors Kaufmann and Malis receive NSF early career awards


Trustees approve department name change



Patents by Prof. David Koltick and Prof. David Nolte recognized by Purdue Research Foundation


Grad student Ran An wins top prize at Burton Morgan Business Plan Competition


$1M Keck Foundation Grant awarded to team led by Prof. Michael Manfra



Prof. David Nolte and Ian Shipsey elected AAAS Fellows


Prof. Rokhinson sees signature of Majorana fermions


Rodríguez Research Group puts new perspective on biochemical problem



Prof. Melosh and students work with NASA on moon mission, attend launch


Professors Manfra and Csathy featured in Purdue Press Release


Prof. Jay Melosh works with NASA on return visit to Comet



Purdue unveils 'Impact: Earth!' asteroid impact effects calculator


Purdue student builds solar motorcycle, launches club to push more electric vehicle breakthroughs


Collider achieves world record; Purdue researchers part of experiment


Purdue professor helps provide additional evidence that asteroid impact caused dinosaur extinction



Twinkling nanostars cast new light into biomedical imaging



Purdue receives grant to help students learn about climate change


Stars aligned for Purdue physicist and international research group


Purdue alumna establishes new graduate fellowship for Department of Physics


Purdue scientists, students help create a key piece of one of the world's most powerful cameras


Cell phone sensors detect radiation to thwart nuclear terrorism


Purdue part of project to create telescope of astronomical proportions



Purdue helps teacher add science to students' iPod playlists


Universities prepare as physicists plan to pop protons


Prof. Ian Shipsey - Julian Schwinger Distinguished Professor of Physics


Holographic images use shimmer to show cellular response to anticancer drug



Purdue Physics teams up with California university to raise the bar in grid computing


Physics on the Road takes energy into Indiana classrooms



Doctoral student, Laura Biedermann, receives 2005 Purdue Excellence in Science and Engineering Fellowship from Sandia National Laboratories


Prof. Jorge H. Rodríguez — Biochemistry's future - with quantum physics


Physicists clarify exotic force, but no 'Theory of Everything' yet


Prof. Mark Haugan - Service-learning projects to benefit community, students


Purdue nanotechnology research showcased at children's museum


Albert W. Overhauser - Doctor Of Science Honorary Degree


Prof. Ephraim Fischbach - Pi seems a good random number generator - but not always the best



Prof. Nicholas J. Giordano - honored as top educator in Indiana


Purdue professor puts new spin on quantum computer technology


BioCDs could hit No. 1 on doctors' charts


Quantum computers are a quantum leap closer, say Purdue physicists


Purdue scientists help construct telescope for black holes, pulsars



Book of Great Teachers adds a new chapter


Purdue physicists hone rules for nanotech game


Purdue's 'QuarkNet' center to train high school physics teachers


Purdue University Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award


Purdue pits 'the Einsteins against the bugs'


Purdue researchers determine age of fossilized human ancestor



Lark-Horovitz Distinguished Professor of Physics


New Book: World will see computers in whole new light