Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Training

  Hydrofluoric acid is used in several PRIME Lab laboratories.   Because of the extreme hazards of use of this material, a separate training module is dedicated to it.   Anyone using this material must have completed training consisting of the information on this website and specific hands on training by a supervisor.
1.  Everyone working with HF must read the appropriate SDS (or MSDS).   Read the appropriate SDS from one of the following:  
Hydrogen Fluoride (100%).
Hydrofluoric Acid (70%).
Hydrofluoric Acid (49%)      < PRIME Lab Uses This One
2.  Certain First Aid supplies must be present in the lab (and not outdated) before HF may be used.   The room also must be appropriately prepared for the use of HF.
HF Requirements.
3.  Below is a link describing the medical treatment for HF exposure.   This document is primarily intended for a doctor, but it is worthwhile knowing a little about what is involved.   You are not expected to know all of this beyond the first aid treatment.
Medical Treatment for HF exposure
4.  More Information about HF.
Some HF Facts.
5.  Berkley EH&S information for users of HF.
Berkley HF Fact Sheet.
6.  Even short term exposure over a small percentage of the body can result in death.
Example of HF Fatality.
7.  Below are Definitions of some of the terms used in this training.
8.  Below is information on neutralization of HF to aid in proper disposal.
Neutralization of HF.
9.  Read the SOP for the area where you work.
10.  Below are Physical and Chemical properties of HF.   This information is for reference and is not usually required for understanding safely using HF.
HF Properties.
11.  Take the test
12.  When you have read the appropriate material, click on the button to get the certification form.
13.  Put completed form in Ken Mueller's mailbox.