How to Use This Training Program

To navigate through this training program, use your left mouse button to click on the colored left or right arrows.   Clicking on the left arrow will take you back one screen, while clicking on the right arrow will take you forward one screen.   If you click the back arrow for a screen that had a question, it will take you back to before the question.

On some screens, you will see question marks in the right arrow.   This question mark, indicates that a Mini Quiz consisting of one question will follow the current screen.   Mini Quiz screens ARE NOT scored, but are designed to help you learn the material being presented so that you will do well on the course test (many of the questions may be similar to ones that will be on the test).   After answering a Mini Quiz question, click on the picture to continue.   If your answer was correct, you will proceed to the next topic.   If your answer was incorrect, you will be taken back to the page(s) that contain the information so you can try again.

You can click on the Purdue Train on most pages to go back to the previous safety menu.

Finally, on some screens you will see yellow words that are important to know.   Ones that are underlined are very important and clicking on it will take you to a definition.   After looking at the definition, the left arrow will take you back to the page you were looking at.