Demos: 1S-44 Standing Waves--Metal Plate 2

A commercial apparatus replaces or supplements Demonstration 1S - 43. A mechanical vibrator drives various plates having a variety of shapes, such as a violin. The frequency of vibration may be continuously varied to produce changing patterns. The system is easily viewed using the video camera projection system.

Directions: Attach the plate of choice, sprinkle sand on the plate and increase the frequency until patterns begin to emerge.Point out the nodes and anti-nodes.

Suggestions for Presentation: See 1S - 43. Discuss how the shape of the plate as well as the placement of nodes can affect the overall pattern. Note: The patterns developed on the “violin” plate may be misleading, because on a real violin, the support points are different.

Applications: Drum heads, sound boxes for musical instruments.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM