College of Science

Colloquia 2000-2001

Fall 2000

8/24, Prof. Gutay, "Precision Measurement of Electroweak Z, W Parameters and Search for Higgs at the New e+e- Collider's Energy Frontier"

8/31, Prof. Funk, "The Detector Control System of the CMS Experiment at CERN"

9/7, Prof. Pyrak-Nolte, "Seismic Imaging of Fracture Heterogeneity"

9/14, Prof. Berry, "Seven Wonders of Physics"

9/21, Prof. Vashishta, "Multimillion Atom Simulation of Materials on Parallel Computers - Past, Present and Future"

9/28, Prof. Wolfe

10/5, Prof. Bortoletto, "The frontier of particle physics"

10/12, Prof. Netterfield, "BOOMERANG: Cosmological Results from the Cosmic Microwave Background."

10/19, Prof. Bassani, "Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Atoms and Solids"

10/26, Prof. Womble,"The PELAN System for the Detection of Explosives "

11/2, Prof. Car, "Modeling Materials with First-Principles Molecular Dynamics "

11/9, Prof. Wyslouch, "First results from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: a new frontier of nuclear physics"

11/16, Prof. Tao, "Formation of Superconducting Balls"

11/30, Dr. Driscoll, "Future Surface Combatant Chemical and Biological Warfare Protection"

12/7, Dr. Richardson, "Using Supercomputers to Design and Model Novel Materials and Molecules"

Spring 2001

1/11, Prof. Fischbach, "Extra Dimensions, New Forces, and Non-Newtonian Gravity"

1/18, Dr. Caffee, "Cosmic-ray-produced nuclides: field applications, limitations, and new development."

1/25, Prof. Ceperley, "The Path Integral Theory of Superfluidity and Bose Condensation."

2/1, Prof. Cui, "Tunes" from Neutron Stars: What Do They Mean?

2/8, Prof. Adelberger, "Sub-millimeter Tests of the Gravitational Inverse Square Law"

2/15, Prof. Ketterle, "Collective enhancement and suppression in Bose-Einstein condensates"

2/22, Prof. Shen, "Solving the Phase Problem in X-ray Crystallography"

3/1, Prof. Wang, "Searching for a New State of Matter: the Quark Gluon Plasma"

3/8, Prof. Datta, What is the "Resistance" of a Molecule?

3/22, Prof. McEuen, "Electrons in Carbon Nanostructures"

3/29, Prof. Cooks, "Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry"

4/5, Prof. Telegdi, "Gravitation, photons, clocks"

4/12, Prof. Slichter, "50 Years of Surprises; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, A Scientific Evergreen"

4/19 Prof. Sligar, "Cryocrystallography and Cryoenzymology of

4/26, Prof. Finnemore, "Superconductivity at 40 K in MgB2, a Brand New Arena"

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