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Graduate and Undergraduate Research:

Excellent and highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students are invited to join our group. Some topics of research include:

a) Development of methods of computational quantum mechanics.
b) Mesoscopic physics and molecular magnetism.
c) Computational spintronics.
d) Development and applications of genetic algorithms.
e) Computational biophysics.

Students with background in science or engineering can inquire about research projects.

Postdoc in Computational Biophysics:

[Updated October/26/2015]

A Postdoctoral position in computational biophysics is currently available. Experience and skills in computer programming are required. Experience in the development and/or application of computational methods Such as DFT, QM/MM, molecular docking and/or MD are required. In addition, some knowledge of molecular biology and/or biochemistry is needed.

Postdoc in Computational Biochemistry:

[Updated October/26/2015]

A postdoctoral position(s) in computational chemistry and/or computational biochemistry is currently available. Computaional experience and basic computer programming skills are required. Extensive experience in one or more of the following computational methods is expected: MD, QM/MM and molecular docking. In addition, knowledge of molecular biology and/or biochemistry is expected including understanding of DNA structure/function and protein structure/function. Possible topics of research include DNA-small molecule interactions and DNA repair.

Related Postdoctoral Jobs:
Applicants for the following positions may also be considered:
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Postdoctoral Position in Bionanoscience
Postdoctoral Position in Computational Physics

Computational Biomolecular & Mesoscopic Physics Group
Department of Physics
Purdue University
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