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Molecular Mechanisms of SARS Coronavirus Binding to hACE2


The atomistic and molecular-level mechanisms of SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 infection are being investigated. Prof. Jorge H. Rodriguez and his research group have implemented computational, quantum-biochemical, methods to probe key, molecular-level, interactions responsible for the binding of SARS coronaviruses to human cells. This research has produced new and fundamental understanding of the way SARS coronaviruses, via their spike (S) proteins, attach themselves to the molecular (ACE2) receptors of human cells. 

The present research has the potential to aid  the development of antiviral drugs by identifying key SARS biomolecular targets and their potential epitopes. A detailed manuscript summarizing the findings has been recently submitted for peer review.

Coronavirus Research Updates:

10-23-2020: Research_Update_SARS-CoV-1-October-23-20201.pdf