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The Computational Biomolecular & Mesoscopic Physics Group (CBMPG)  carries out interdisciplinary research to solve scientific problems that can not be tackled a any single scientific or technical discipline. The CBMMP group  promotes interaction between researchers of various disciplines including computational physicists, quantum chemists and computer scientists. In addition, our group has a long tradition of cooperation with experimental groups whose data can be analyzed with a vast array of computational methodologies. We particularly welcome cooperation with experimental groups from physics, materials science, chemistry and biochemistry programs whose spectroscopic and/or other experimental data can be interpreted in terms of modern ab-initio, density functional and/or stochastic computation.

The Computational Biomolecular & Mesoscopic Physics Group (CBMPG) welcomes cooperation in research and academic training with leading foreign universities. Excellent students recommended by their home overseas institutions are welcome to visit our group and participate in research projects.  The CBMPG has identified certain topics of particular interest which include: 

Biophysical and Biochemical Sciences:

  • Quantum Biochemistry
  • Computational Biophysics 

Molecular, Materials & Mesoscopic Physics:

  • Computational Material Science 
  • Computational Electronics
  • Molecular Magnetism & Molecular Spintronics

Program Description:

Overseas research groups that collaborate with Purdue University's  CBMPG can nominate selected graduate and post-graduate students for one- or two-semester visits to our group. During this period participating students will work alongside other group members on research topics of interest to both, Purdue's CBMPG and their overseas research groups. Prospective students should be highly recommended by their home advisers and institutions. Students participating in this program are generally expected to obtain results leading to a journal publication.

Please direct all inquiries to:

Attn: International Cooperation Program
Computational Biomolecular & Mesoscopic Physics Group
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

E-mail: bionanophys@purdue.edu

News About Our Research:

SARS Coronavirus Research Updates


Recent research and publications about SARS coronaviruses by our group.

Molecular Mechanisms of SARS Coronavirus Binding to hACE2


The molecular level mechanisms of infection used by the coronaviruses SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 are being investigated.

New Building Blocks for Molecular Spintronics


Spin-dependent conduction properties have been predicted for a new class of molecular clusters.

The B3LYP-DD Methodology


Computation of intermolecular interaction energies with dispersion-corrected density functional theory

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