Submit CMSSW Jobs Using Condor_g

Before you can use condor_g submitting job, you need to have a grid certificate. If you don't have it,
please refer here to get it.

1. Change the shell to bash and set up grid environment

source /grp/cms/tools/glite/

2. Set up a grid proxy for yourself, and make sure authentication will work

voms-proxy-init -vomses /grp/cms/tools/glite/ui/etc/vomses
-voms cms -valid 168:0

3. Go to the directory that you want to submit jobs and change the directory's group ownership to osgusers. Change the ownership is very important, otherwise, the files that are generated during job running has owner osgusers and cannot be transfered back to your group that your local username belongs to. 

cd /directory
newgrp osgusers

4. Create a condor_g job submit script condorgjobs, in the condorgjobs, you can set up the executable file as cmsRun or a script , then submit the job

condor_submit condorgjobs

5. To get to know the job running status.

condor_q  -name -direct schedd