Physics Computer Network Policy

This document describes rules and regulations governing all Physics
Department equipment which utilizes network communications. If you have
any questions about what is covered in this document, please send email
to or call us at 49-45562.

rules and policies are superseded by Federal and State laws as well as
Purdue University policies regarding appropriate usage.

Networks Managed by PCN

The following subnets are exclusively administered by PCN.


Computing Policies

To maintain security and network availability for all users and systems
the following rules apply to every system and device connected to the
PCN administered network.

  • PCN maintains exclusive access control to the network
  • PCN must have physical access to all systems and devices connected to the network
  • PCN maintains exclusive administrative as well as exclusive access control to all servers
  • PCN maintains exclusive administrative as well as exclusive access
    control to all managed network hardware devices not controlled or owned
    by other 3rd party organizations outside the Department of Physics
  • PCN will only maintain University owned equipment physically located in
    the Department of Physics building on the West Lafayette campus
  • PCN will only maintain University owned equipment utilizing PCN administered networks.

Printing Policies

  • PCN maintains support for only multi-user, centralized, networked printers
  • All Physics students, staff, faculty, and researchers are entitled to access and use printing resources provided by PCN
  • Locally attached printers are strictly the responsibility of the primary user/owner
  • PCN is not responsible for any printing supplies. This includes but is not limited to toner, ink, paper, etc.

User Support Policies

  • PCN will provide a method by which requests for service can be submitted
  • PCN will provide dedicated support only for systems participating in the PCN Support Program
  • PCN will provide user support for designated software

Services Provided by PCN

  • PCN Managed Services
  • PCN Support Program
  • Services for the Self Supported or Self Maintained