PCN Support Program

Support Program

This document describes the PCN Support Program. PCN maintains and manages many systems for the Department of Physics. We take pride for being one of the most secure multi-user computing environments on the West Lafayette campus. PCN Staff have spent many hours developing systems
that are user friendly as well as secure.

The rules and services described below are for systems that participate in the PCN Support Program only. If you would like PCN to maintain your systems please contact us by email at pcnstaff@purdue.edu or call us at 49-45562.

Support Program Policies

  • PCN maintains exclusive control of the default system administration user account
  • PCN maintains exclusive access control of system resources
  • PCN maintains exclusive administrative control over systems purchased with PCN funds

Services Provided to Participants

  • Services for Desktop Workstations
    • Installation of software
    • Software update management
    • Software license tracking
    • User support for designated software
    • Internal hardware installation, support, and physical maintenance
    • Peripheral hardware installation
    • Centralized backups of user data
    • University Career Account authentication
    • Local computing resource access management
    • Automated access to PCN maintained printing resources
    • Automated access to PCN maintained network data storage
  • Services for Portable Computing Systems ( i.e. laptops, notebooks, tablets, PDAs, etc )
    • Software Installation
    • Limited hardware and software support

Standard Windows Software Provided by PCN

PCN is responsible for all software installed on University owned equipment in the Physics department. As a result of legal licensing agreements and/or End User Licensing Agreements ( EULA's ) with various software development companies we can only install software that has been legally purchased and that has a valid license for the equipment on which it is to be installed and run. Each license agreement is different and terms change regularly. To learn more about the Microsoft Campus agreement or any other University licensed software please visit ITaP's website.

This list describes the standard software installed on all PCN maintained Microsoft Windows workstations in the Physics department. This software list is the bare minimum installed. The software installed on many PCN maintained Windows workstations varies widely and could include several other packages. The list of software installed on all PCN maintain Microsoft Windows workstations is as follows:

  • Microsoft Office ('07, '10)
  • McAffee VirusScan antivirus software
  • Adobe Reader X
  • Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Ghostview & Ghostscript
  • SecureCRT Combo SSH Client
  • WinSCP
  • Apple Quicktime & iTunes
  • Macromedia Flash & Shockwave
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment ( JRE )
  • Open Source native Windows UNIX utilities
  • Citrix XenAppWeb
  • xMing x11 forwarding client
  • PDF Creator
  • MathType
  • If legitimate paid license is present or purchased, several other paid programs may be installed and maintained as well.

Standard Linux Software Provided by PCN

The main supported distribution is Debian Linux. All systems have access to the PCN shared filesystems (/home, /project, etc.). For base software, all systems include:

  • Gnome Desktop
  • KDE Desktop
  • Matlab
  • Ximian Evolution mail
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Mozilla browser
  • Firefox browser
  • Java Runtime environment (or development kit)
  • GNU C, C++, and F77 compilers
  • Plotting tools (gnuplot, xmgrace, etc) LaTeX
  • Ghostview Scripting languages: Python, Perl, tcl/tk (X)emacs

This is not an exhaustive list, just the high points. Most any software, libraries, toolkits, or anything can be installed on your system if you'd like it, just ask!

Macintosh Support Provided by PCN

Unfortunately, PCN is unable to provide equivalent support for Macintosh computers. Macintosh support is limited to:

  • MacOS X only (systems running MacOS 9 and older are unsupported)
  • Only previously supported systems. New Macintosh systems will not be supported!
  • MacOS X support is limited to
    • Basic OS installation
    • Installation of Microsoft Office
    • Configuration of email
    • Installation of department printers
    • Limited troubleshooting assistance