PCN News

Severe Security Hole in Mac OS X

Members of the Macintosh Community are reporting a rather serious security hole with version 10.7.3 of Mac OS X Lion and some versions of Snow Leopard and Lion Server. The flaw is specifically known to affect FileVault users but, in some specific configurations, might affect other users as well. Due to a programming error passwords are being recorded in plain text in the Macintosh log files under certain conditions. Persons who have direct access your Mac could potentially look into the log files and collect the passwords of the users who have recently logged into the machine.

Amdahl Deprecation Notice

Amdahl.physics.purdue.edu is NO longer to be used for computation. Amdahl's hardware will be removed as part of the data center consolidation project, Summer 2012.

Purdue Physics has partnered with The Rosen Center for Advanced Computing to provide access to their Hansen cluster. An advanced user guide about Hansen is provided here.

Please contact PCN for Hansen account creation and access.

Software Licensing

PCN has now compiled a comprehensive listing of software which is available for checkout for both Purdue-owned equipment along with Personally-owned equipment from the Physics Computer Network.

Visit the Software Licensing Wiki page for more information. 

Exchange Outage - Wednesday January 19, 2011

On Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, the Exchange servers will be down for one hour between 6pm and midnight.  Due to the number of servers your specific outage time cannot be determined.  However, this will affect the ability to send/receive email through a desktop client, OWA, and any mobile device (such as Android, BlackBerry or iPhone).

 More information can be obtained regarding this outage at the ITaP website. 

Physics Network Scheduled Outage

Please take notice of the following. 

On Friday, 8/20/10; Wednesday, 8/25/10; Thursday, 8/26/10; and Friday, 8/27/10 from 3:00 AM to 6:59 AM each day, the IT Networks & Security Data Team will be upgrading a portion of the BoilerNet network to meet the new Purdue Network 2010 standard. Specifically the network will be upgraded in the Physics Building (PHYS).