Sergei Savikhin
Professor of Physics

Phone: 765-494-3017
Fax: 765-494-0706
Office: Physics 64
Lab: Physics 295

Ph.D., 1990, Tartu State University
M.S., summa cum laude, Tartu State University

Research Interests

  • Picosecond and femtosecond pump-probe studies of artificial and biological systems including photosynthetic antennae.
  • Exciton kinetics in semiconductors, molecular crystals and biological structures.
  • Ultrafast processes in color centers, laser dyes and other materials.
  • Ultrafast experimental techniques.
  • Single molecule and single photosynthetic complex spectroscopy.
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Professional Experience

Associate Scientist, Ames Laboratory , 1993
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ames Laboratory , 1991
Scientist, Institute of Physics of Estonian Academy of Sciences,1990
Junior Scientist,Institute of Physics, 1983


PHYS 342L  Modern Physics Laboratory

Selected Publications

  1. Kinetics of Charge Separation and A0- A1 Electron Transfer in Photosystem I Reaction Centers. Sergei Savikhin, Wu Xu, Peter Martinsson, Parag R. Chitnis, and Walter S. Struve, Biochemistry; 2001; 40(31); 9282-9290. Read it
  2. Pump-probe anisotropies of Fenna-Matthews-Olson Protein Trimers from Chlorobium tepidum: A diagnostic for exciton localization? S. Savikhin, D. R. Buck, and W. S. Struve. Biophysical Journal, Volume 73, pp. 2090-2096 (1997).
  3. Excitation delocalization in the bacteriochlorophyll c antenna of the green bacterium Chloroflexus aurantiacus as revealed by ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy, Savikhin, S; Buck, D R; Struve, W S; Blankenship, R E; Taisova, A S; Novoderezhkin, V I; Fetisova, Z G. FEBS Letters, Volume 430, Issue 3, July 3, 1998, Pages 323-326
  4. Toward level-to-level energy transfers in photosynthesis: the Fenna-Matthews-Olson protein. (Feature Article) S. Savikhin, D. R. Buck, W. S. Struve. J. Phys. Chem., Vol. 102, pp. 5556-5565 (1998)
  5. S. Savikhin, D. R. Buck, W. S. Struve, Oscillating anisotropies in a bacteriochlorophyll protein: Evidence for quantum beating between exciton levels. S. Savikhin, D. R. Buck, W. S. Struve, Chemical Physics, 223:303-312, November 1, 1997.
  6. Femtosecond probe of structural analogies between chlorosomes and bacteriochlorophyll c aggregates. Savikhin, S; van Noort, P I; Blankenship, R E; Struve, W S. Biophysical Journal, Volume 69, Issue 3, September 1995, Pages 1100-1104
  7. Shot-noise-limited detection of absorbance changes induced by subpicojoule laser pulses in optical pump-probe experiments. S. Savikhin. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 66, 4470-4474 (1995).
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